Friday, July 13, 2007

Top 5: The World's Craziest Foods! - [w/ PICS]

The below list is from not-so-weird to weirdest. I understand that these may not be strange, may be edible, and well, just may be crazy fun to eat. However, they still look odd to those of us not used to them on a daily basis. And scare us when we see them.

5.) - The Pluot

An interesting fruit...which I'm sure is good, but weird name. And maybe scary to eat because it's genetically modified. Plum+Apricot=Pluot. "Pluot, why not?!" (As some have said....)

4.) - Romanesco Cauliflower

Cauliflower is scary enough as is...and looking like it's about to murder you doesn't make it any easier to eat.

3.) Jones "Candy Corn" Soda

Jones Soda has so many great flavors, but when this one hit the market, it went straight to weirdville.

2.) Pulasan 1 Nephelium Mutabile

This is some sort of tropical fruit...inside and outside.

1.) Kalles Creamed Cod Roe (For children..???)

Creamed cod cavier. I'm too scared to even smell this. Or open it. Or walk past it.


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Cecilia said...

Haha, I'm Swedish but have lived in Ireland for the past 5 yrs and recently got hold of Kalles Kaviar at IKEA. I know that people who haven't grown up with it find it odd to say the least but I just had it on my eggs for breakfast and it's divine! ;) You put it on your egg sandwich instead of mayo, it's salty and really nice :) Don't think my fiancé agrees though ;)