Friday, July 6, 2007

Super Cat Floats Across Pacific - And Lives!!

It's 10:00 o'clock, do you know where your cat is? "Hawaii" was the answer that came from a family in California.

This remarkable (and quite lucky) calico cat survived for almost three weeks, yes, I'll say it again, three weeks, in a shipping container with no food or water. The fortunate feline, "Spice", was found 18 days later when the rest of her family went to rifle through their belongings which had been shipped right before their departure. Spice, along with bicycles and knick-knacks, was safe and sound-although a little worse for the wear.

I'm happy to report that Spice is doing just fine, a little trooper if you ask me. Nothing that a little food, water, rest, and of course family, couldn't fix. She probably lost a couple of lives in that one, though.

Get the details here.

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