Sunday, July 8, 2007

Girl Gets Suspended For Writing I Love Alex

Graffiti it isn't..but who ever thought that the words "I love (insert name here)" would ever get them suspended from school... for 4 months?

That's the last thing that Shelby Sendelbach, a 12-year-old from Katy, Texas, thought when she scribbled her 6th grade thoughts on a school gymnasium wall.

This minor offense, written in baby blue marker, was labeled a "Level 4 Infraction". Which, in layman's terms, means it's considered in the same categories as assault, drug possession, and threats.

It's on the odd side that this is looked at as if it were graffiti done by a 19-year-old who has done property damage a few times.

The school district has claimed that they are only following the rules in punishing the 12-year-old. To read more on this go here.

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