Monday, July 16, 2007

Some Of The Weirdest Excuses You've Ever Heard

We've all done it, the "excuses" thing. You know, "I didn't mean too", "I didn't know you were right there", "I was sick, not skipping, I promise!"

Well, listed are some of the weirdest excuses I've ever heard, and I'm guessing the weirdest you've ever heard.

In no particular order....

1.) When a woman went to the police claiming to be raped (and singled out who had done it), the police confronted the man. The man, seemingly calm, stated that he had merely bumped into her and become so entangled in her that it was hard to know what had really gone on. They were apparently SO entangled that he couldn't free himself for 45 minutes. Turns out, his semen WAS inside her...and he HAD raped her. But nice excuse.

2.) In Japan, sometime earlier in the year, a man was detained for firing several rounds into a building next door to his apartment. When he was brought in, he explained that he was merely very angry at the building for blocking the sunlight he had enjoyed before the building had been built.

3.) In Carlisle, PA a woman found a tape, in her apartment, of two girls undressing. When she confronted her husband (and the police were called for an invasion of privacy), he claimed that he thought there were ghosts in the house, so he set up some cameras for surveillance.

4.) In Brussels, Belgium, there is a charming little wrought-iron shop that has been run by the same owner for quite awhile (so I'm guessing). When a Nigerian applied for a job and was turned down, the owner (after investigation) claimed, "My dog is racist, not me!"

Collected excuses from here.

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