Sunday, July 8, 2007

70 Year Old Arrested For Neglecting Lawn

Occasionally, when you're in the thick of enjoying life (especially at 70), some things become mundane and you realize what's truly important. Like watering your lawn. 70-year-old Betty Perry was giving her lawn a break (and had been doing so for a few years) due to the fact that she couldn't afford to water the grass. Hey, saving money is saving money.

Orem, Utah, however, is having none of the saving money idea.

Ms. Perry, a widow, was enjoying her afternoon when a police officer came to the door and asked her why she did not water her lawn. Perry did not have any reason except she needed to save money; she simply could not afford it. The officer asked her name and began writing her a ticket, but Betty decided she would rather walk back inside her home. The officer then grabbed her to handcuff her and decided that this was resisting arrest, amongst other things. He then, a bit roughly, took her to jail.

Although Betty is doing just fine now and is out of jail (and happy about it-who wouldn't be?) she recommends just doing what officers say, due to how things can get a little strange and/or scary.
If you would like more conclusive insight on this slightly odd story visit here.

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