Friday, May 25, 2007

Woman Uses Segway To Push Baby Stroller

Well, here is something smart that I wish I would have thought of first...

While I am not sure why, there seems to be an unparalleled amount of coordination going on here - sadly, I will never fully understand the bond between a mother and daughter crossing the street on 6 wheels.

I always knew there was a real reason for the Segway scooter, but who would have thought that one would have to give birth in order to reap the full benefits?



Anonymous said...

F.Y.I. that's not her daughter its actually her great niece. I'm sure she would love to walk and push the stroller if her prosthetic leg didn't cause her extremely painful sores and blisters. So the truth is to reap the full benefits of the Segway one only needs to loose their leg to cancer.

The proud son of the kind and brave woman posted here

Jaclyn said...

I am a proud friend of the kind and brave lady posted here for about 40 years now, and attest to everything her son said. I have a birth defect that has caused me to use ingenuity and quite a few vehicles to raise my sons as a single mother (their father died when they were ages 8 and 12). So, another way to reap the benefits of the Segway is to be born with a birth defect. Thanks to my good friend for showing some of us the way to a happy life.